Makeup eBook




What if I told you that instead of paying thousands of dollars taking a makeup course you could learn how to apply a flawless face for just a fraction of the price?

Women have been wearing makeup for generations; so it’s perfectly natural to get that little flood of confidence when you look at yourself in the mirror.
I’ve written this eBook for everyone: my followers, friends and every woman who has ever wanted professional instruction. In this book I pour all my knowledge, wisdom, and secrets and have gone into more detail than ever before. I’ve included hundreds of step-by-step photographs to bring you as many helpful details as possible.

I want this eBook to serve as a complete reference guide and how-to for everyone who believes in looking and feeling their best every day. As a professional makeup artist, I know every woman will gain more confidence when she has a complete understanding of how to apply her makeup, use the right tools, find the colours that work for her and perfect the basic application techniques.

For the first time, I also bring you my very own skin care regimen. Remember first and foremost that understanding and caring for your skin is the most important step of all.

Additionally, I list every brush, pencil and every other tool of the trade that I simply swear by. I will advise you on which essential brush or tool every woman should own and how to use them.

To my many followers on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll all be excited to know I have finally revealed the products I use. If you’ve ever asked or wanted to know what products I use or recommend, I now divulge every must-have beauty product that you will always find in my makeup kit.

Building from foundation and concealer to contouring, highlighting and everything in between. I will help develop your knowledge of basic makeup application by providing detailed step-by-step instructions including how to apply powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, false lashes, lips and more!

This eBook isn’t just for Generation Y ladies! For the first time, I disclose my secrets about mature makeup and how to keep yourself looking and feeling young. And to my Asian clients, I have dedicated a whole chapter designed specifically around Asian makeup and enhancing your features.
I’ll also be able to replicate 10 of my signature makeup looks in no time! I believe this will be the most comprehensive and valuable makeup lesson that you will ever learn.

Study your face, learn what works for you and you’ll be creating flawless makeup in no time.